Today, the Foreign Minister launched Australia’s inaugural International Cyber Engagement Strategy. It sets out Australia’s ambitious cyber affairs agenda for the next three years. As Ambassador for Cyber Affairs, I will lead Australia’s international cyber engagement. I will ensure our efforts are comprehensive and coordinated, and founded on partnership with the private sector.

Few areas of the Attorney-General’s Department’s diverse span of work are immune from international developments. Areas of law that were almost exclusively the domain of domestic governments have increasingly taken on international dimensions. Inevitably, our responsibilities for national security and emergency management are directly affected by events overseas.

Today, on International Women’s Day 2017, our Ambassador for Cyber Affairs has released a video celebrating women in cyber. The compilation showcases some of the extraordinary work being done by women in cyber worldwide. We hope this video inspires more women and men to take up one of the many diverse, challenging and rewarding careers in the important field of cyber.

There is rarely an occasion now when the big international relations issue of the day doesn’t contain a cyber component. Cyber issues have moved from being perceived as a technical, low priority matter to one of strategic importance.