From New Colombo Plan scholar to Intern at the Australian Embassy: My Life in Japan

My experience as an intern in the Australian Embassy in Japan has been everything I hoped it would be – and more! My understanding of international affairs and Japanese has increased and I have grown and developed as a person. Being provided with the opportunity to live, study and work in Tokyo while on a New Colombo Plan scholarship has also been phenomenal. Whilst Tokyo is a busy, densely populated city, it never ceases to amaze me there is always green space, festivals to attend, and places to relax.  Life is never boring.

New Colombo Plan scholarship to Indonesia opens career path

My time in Indonesia has been transformative, both personally and professionally. I encourage all Australian students to take advantage of the New Colombo Plan initiative. Whatever their field, a well-rounded overseas experience in the Asia-Pacific region will help them gain a competitive edge in their careers, and, perhaps most importantly, help our generation of Australians better understand the dynamic and fascinating region we live in.